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Solar standard change & CEC Inverter Listing

After the 18th December 2021, the new AS/NZS4777.2:2020 comes into effect.

This Australian Standard requires every grid-interactive inverter to be recertified in order to continue on the CEC’s "Approved Inverters" list. This applies to both PV Inverters and Multimode battery inverters.

Whilst all the inverter manufacturers, were on track to have their products tested, certified & listed in advance of the cut-over date, the recent developments with integrated DC Isolators have derailed those timelines.

From our manufacturing contacts, it is RFI's understanding that many of the manufacturers will not have their certification completed before the 18th December cut-over date.

At the release of RFI's December Pricelist, the only PV Inverters in this pricelist that are listed to the new standard are the Growatt MIN series of single-phase units.

Some of the other products are expected to be listed to the new standard in early December, some are indicating late January while others are advising ‘in Q1 2022’. These are changing almost daily so be sure to check the listing status of your inverters before commencing installations.

Some manufacturers are now publishing information about the inverters that will miss the cut-over date but are underway for certification (e.g. SMA). This information should be helpful for planning works around the current disruption.

Please contact your Sales Rep or Customer Experience Team on 1300 000 734 or orders@rfi.com.au if you have any questions.