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RFI and Morningstar Webinar: Off-Grid Solar Monitoring Solutions

Want to learn more about monitoring solutions for your Morningstar system? 

Join RFI's Product Manager Monique Merino, and the Morningstar team, to learn about communications and remote monitoring solutions for a range of off-grid solar systems. 

Mons Morningstar Webinar - News Post (2)Monique has over 5 years of experience as our communications and energy Product Manager. During her time at RFI, Mon has gained experience developing products and solutions for off-grid solar power systems and remote monitoring applications. 

Joined by Morningstar Product Manager Brad Berwald, Monique will be taking you through monitoring solutions for your Morningstar system, particularly for systems with multiple regulators. 

Monique & Brad will also be taking you through a range of RFI and Morningstar products that can be used in monitoring systems. These include: 

With off-grid power being increasingly chosen as the preferred power supply in solar system design, this webinar is essential to learn how to create and install effective monitoring systems. 


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Morningstar is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of solar charge controllers and inverters for mission-critical projects. With a strong focus on performance, reliability, and innovative features, Morningstar's products are recognised globally in solar markets for their high quality and value. 

To find out more about Morningstar and their range of innovative energy products, click HERE.


Webinar Details 

Date: Thursday 25th August 

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm AEST 

Location: Online 

*For our US customers, the webinar will be held on Wednesday 24th August from 9:00pm - 10:00pm EDT. 

Click the button below to register your spot. 

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